Wednesday, 22 February 2012

RC, Shimla starts using SMS Alerts Service

I am glad to post that IGNOUs Regional Center at Shimla started using SMS Alerts Service from February 21st, 2012. Again, as in the case of some RCs which started using the service, its the impact of STRIDE's refresher programme. Dr.Mohan Sharma, Assistant Regional Director from RC, Shimla attended the programme and is quick enough to start the service at RC, Shimla as soon as he returned. From now-on-wards, learners of IGNOU in the jurisdiction of RC, Shimla will find that information is reaching them by SMS in no time and will have enough time to follow up. I thank Dr.Mohan Sharma for the initiative which will benefit all the learners and other stake holders of IGNOU in Himachal Pradesh.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

RC, Bangalore test runs SMS Alerts Service

IGNOU Regional Center at Bangalore had test run the SMS Alerts Service on February 15th, 2012. I thank and congratulate Dr.M.S.Parthasarathy, Regional Director who took the initiative to start the SMS service at RC, Bangalore  as soon as he took office as RD for RC, Banglaore. Despite Bangalore being one of the nodal points for most of the top Information Technology Companies , RC, Bangalore has been a late entrant of using the SMS service which was provided to them in 2010. I personally feel that this service at RC,Bangalore will give a feel to the learners of IGNOU that IGNOU embraced IT to update them as fastest communication is possible only with SMS.: P.V.Suresh

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

RC, Panaji starts using SMS Alerts Service

RC, Panaji started using SMS Alerts Service from February 14th, 2012. I thank Dr.Srinivas, ARD who took the initiative based on his interaction during my lecture in refresher programme  organized by STRIDE in Jan-Feb. 2012.  So, again, as has been the experience with any RC which started using SMS service, the communication gap between learners and RC at Panaji will be significantly reduced. In fact, RC, Panaji can now start reducing the paper based communications with learners and start using SMS increasingly wherever appropriate. It will show a great impact on the student support services. All the best, P.V.Suresh

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

RC,Koraput starts using SMS Alerts Service

IGNOU Regional Center at Koraput launched SMS Alerts Service on Feb. 13th, 2012.  This will enable RC, Koraput to send all appropriate communications to its learners by SMS which will significantly reduce the communication gap. The efforts made by Dr.Anand, Assistant Regional Director, Koraput RC to initiate SMS Alerts Service at RC, Koraput are commendable. I wish the staff and learners associated with RC, Koraput all the best, P.V.Suresh